The Truth About Dror


I am a Scientologist in Israel and on the 3rd of July I received a letter from Dror College,  which was also sent to other Scientologists I believe. I have read the whole content of that letter and instead of taking what they wrote at face value I have  informed myself and I LOOKED. I did a proper research, I looked at all the policies that I could get my hands on on  the subjects that were taken up in Dror’s letter and I also looked at the DATES when LRH wrote those policies and I also looked at the CONTEXT in which they were written and  I have come up with the conclusion that these people that sent the letter didn’t even make any effort to do a serious research but they just followed the lazy way of grabbing black propaganda from squirrels and enemies of Scientology and come to a conclusion that would fit their agenda, not to one that would benefit anybody.

The letter – all of which is “copy-paste” from websites of well known squirrels, attacks generally 3 things:

1. Fundraising (Ideal Orgs in general and IAS)
2. Big, posh, Ideal Org buildings
3. Management of Scientology (and specifically, Mr. David Miscavige and RTC)

First of all, it is indisputable that the originators of the letter connected up with a known SP squirrel and attacker of Scientology, and based on that alone I will give an important quote of LRH:

If the squirrels complain about a program, that’s the one to follow! Continental Magazines

But more specifically to the content of the letter regarding the IAS:
A. the letter claims that the IAS membership system is based on an organization that used to operate in Scientology in the 60s, called HASI, and then claims that it is not operating per the HASI policy as the donations are not going to the local HCOs. It also complains that membership rates are too expensive in comparison to the HASI (and even gives the inflation rates since the HASI’s era).

Truth: There is no connection between the HASI and the IAS. The HASI (Hubbard Association of Scientologists International) was the mother organization of Scientology world wide up to 1966, when LRH announced closing it and transferring all the corporate ownership to the Church of Scientology California (which became, later, the mother church: the Church of Scientology International, the management of Scientology).

The IAS was formed 18 years later, in 1984, did not substitute for the HASI or any other organization, but was adopted by the Church as a membership organization with the purpose to unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion and Scientologists all over the world, so as to achieve the aims of Scientology as originated by L. Ron Hubbard.
The financial support of IAS members helped finance the protection of Scientology through the 80s and 90s, and after that (and to this day) to fund the dissemination and expansion of the movement.

Management is management; Membership organization is Membership organization. Claiming one is the other is an intended twist of facts aimed at misleading the reader. The simple fact is that without the IAS Scientology would not have existed today (and whoever needs more reality on that should watch the IAS Event of 1993, where it is announced that Scientology is fully recognized in the USA as a religion and the war with the IRS is over).

B. The letter discusses the subject of donations statuses above memberships (“huge sums, with dozens of statuses, the highest of them reaching 5 Million, and a vast staff actually including all staff members in all levels who are demanded to fund raise for the IAS”) as if this is an off-policy action.

So first of all, I would like to correct the data of the originators of the letter – they are misinformed: IAS Honor Statuses reach today Fifty Million, not Five. Thanks to these donations we have dozens of new Ideal Orgs in key locations, 4 new AOs (after there have been only 5 of them for 25 years – ANZO, AOSHEU, AOSHUK, AOLA and Flag) – meaning expansion of almost twofold on delivery in the OT levels on the Bridge.

But further than that, the letter uses a quote from HCO PL “Programming an Org”: (‫Quote‬ on how you shouldn’t deal with fundraising, selling postcards, lending money, but instead creating income with Scientology). The letter interprets this quote to say that Ron forbids dealing with fundraising. He demands solving any financial difficulty by creating income with delivery of Scientology. Ron’s experience proved that the viability of the org depends on doing more Scientology, not fundraising gimmicks.

The originators of the letter claim that fundraising for the IAS is an action which is coming on the expense of delivery of Scientology (auditing and training).

Truth:This is a classic example of quoting policy without knowing it and using policy to stop. In addition we are talking about two separate body of data that the squirrels have intentionally mixed together to create confusion.

One body of data contains the Admin Policy that deals with the day-to-day activity of a Scientology org, none of which has to do with fundraising which is an activity that has a very specific purpose which is covered in policy (see below).

Which brings me to the key point: Fundraising for the IAS and Ideal Orgs has NEVER been used to cover the day-to-day expenses of the Org as a substitute for its income of delivery of Scientology service and never will as it is simply off policy.

The following ref explains it all – HCO PL Gung-Ho Groups (and as a note, the OT Committee is a Gung-Ho Group which has the Ideal Org Project as one of its projects).

Contributions should be worked at but should be regarded as an irregular source of income and not counted on for the general running expenses of a group. Rather, they are like an affluence, and major projects are the best use for contributions and the best reason to get them — such as a new building for the group or a new hall, things like that. LRH – HCO Policy Letter of 2 December 1968 GUNG-HO GROUPS

Important note‪:‬ I have been informed how the above reference was shown to three of the originators of the letter weeks before they published it‪,‬ with due attention to their full understanding of it and care to get acknowledged from them that they see how this refutes their claims regarding fundraising‪.‬ For some obscure reason they totally forgot this quote right afterwards ‪-‬ probably because it did not serve the real purpose of said letter‪.‬

After seeing that the Orgs service production is extra high and how fundraising is an activity LRH actually recommends for big projects such as acquiring a new building‪,‬ the rest of the natter regarding the push for fundraising can be seen for what it is‪:‬ Soft Sell‪.‬

As a final note: Tel-Aviv Org celebrated a couple of weeks after the two main SP were declared the Highest Ever of the main statistic of the Org, the one which determined its overall condition, Paid Completions. THIS MEANS SERVICE. If anyone has doubt about this being the main statistic of the Org, he is welcomed to read HCO B 14 Jun 77RB, PAID COMPLETIONS SIMPLIFIED, where LRH writes: The overall condition of an org is based on the statistic of: “FULLY PAID COMPLETION ACCOMPANIED BY AN ACCEPTABLE SUCCESS STORY WITH ADDITIONAL POINTS FOR THE LAST SERVICE AS A BONUS FOR A FULLY PAID SIGN-UP FOR THE NEXT OR ADDITIONAL SERVICE, ALL AS VERIFIED BY HCO.”

This also confirms what LRH says about Ethics that when you removes counter-intentions from the environment the statistics soar. The fact of the matter is that these SPs have been an active CI to Scientology expansion in Israel for years and now that they have been found and labelled for what they are Scientology is expanding rapidly like never before.

Another point the originators of the letter ‪(‬or actually better to say‪,‬ the ‪”‬copiers of the letter‪”)‬ raise on the subject is how the emphasis today in Scientology is on big posh buildings instead of the ‪”‬good old Scientology service‪”.‬ Another twisted picture‪.‬ First of all‪,‬ if anyone wants to know what was LRHs standard regarding the MEST of Ideal Orgs‪,‬ one need only look at the two Orgs Ron built himself‪:‬ Saint‪-‬Hill and Flag‪.‬ I think any further comment is unnecessary‪,‬ but I will still state the obvious‪, that any person who has seen these facilities or saw pictures of them knows: these are BIG, POSH, Beautiful buildings with MEST in an unparalleled standard!  ‬

But more than that‪:‬ To claim MEST is on the expense of Service‪?‬

Allow me to give you some data on the average building of an Ideal Org (it may vary a bit between one to the next):
It has course rooms for 200-300 academy students at any given moment
It has more than 20 Auditing Rooms
It has 2-3 film rooms
2-3 seminar rooms for more than 50 people at once
1 event hall for mass lectures for hundreds

Did anybody squeak something about MEST coming on the expense of service…?

And more facts:

Since the Ideal Org project in Israel has started more than 20 auditors and 4 C/Ses were sent to Flag for training, out of which 3 are Class VI and one is Class VIII; there are 8 Course Supervisors, 6 Book-1 Auditors and more than 100 new staff members.

I’ll ask again: MEST coming on the expense of service??

But to really handle any doubt about LRHs intention regarding Big, Beautiful buildings, here’s another relevant quote:

And now we’re thinking in terms of new buildings and designing new buildings all over the world.  In other words, we’ve kept it there for a long time; now we’re going to keep it there with exclamation points.  We’ve even got the designs for these buildings.

Actually, it requires two types of building in one of these Central Organizations.  It requires a city building, one that is downtown and rises straight up from the ground to some height.  And it requires one out in the country which sprawls all over the place. LRH Lecture, 3 Sep 1962   YOUR SCIENTOLOGY ORGS & WHAT THEY DO FOR YOU

And now for claims re Scientology management and specifically Mr. David Miscavige and RTC:

To remove any doubt, before we continue, here’s what LRH says about RTC:

My earnest advice is: Only deal with or associate with those organizations licensed by RTC and auditors in good standing with the Church; Close your ears to false statements made by bad hats and thus really clear the planet. RON’S JOURNAL 38 -NEW YEARS’ EVE 1983 – TODAY AND TOMORROW: THE PROOF

And here’s what LRH said about Mr. David Miscavige (excerpted from a legal declaration by LRH to the Supreme Court of the State of California in 1983, a document which was examined by experts to ascertain it’s authenticity and pronounced fully valid and authentic – this letter came about after similar allegations from the squirrels of the 80s, so it seems our own squirrels didn’t “invent the nut”) – I have the original in case anybody is interested:

 “Since there apparently have been specific allegations of wrongdoing by David Miscavige, I wish to take this opportunity to communicate my unequivocal confidence in David Miscavige, who is a long time devoted Scientologist, a trusted associate, and a good friend to me. Any activities which he may have engaged in at any time concerning my personal or business affairs have been done with my knowledge and authorization and for my benefit.”

LRH transferred the ownership of the copyrights of Scn and Dn to RTC  to keep the Tech pure. Since he came in office, COB brought about full religious recognition for Scientology in the USA (and in about 30 other countries), Golden Age of Tech; The Basics, The Congresses, The ACCs – most of which were never before available; dozens of Ideal Orgs all over the world; four new Advanced Orgs; Social betterment campaigns reaching millions, and a world wide presence of Scientology never before even dreamed about. Is it a wonder that the squirrels are the ones complaining the most on COB and RTC??

But, just to make really sure, here are some WW statistics for comparison – 2010 compared to 1980. If anybody dares tell you that Scientology is not expanding, he must have a lot of Other Fish to Fry (Or perhaps Other Nuts to Crack – depending on the viewpoint). Here you go:

13-NOV-1980    24,499
25-NOV-2010    57,385

13-NOV-1980       953,064
25-NOV-2010    5,640,875

13-NOV-1980     8,876,256
25-NOV-2010   33,599,073

13-NOV-1980     16,904
25-NOV-2010     28,373

13-NOV-1979     737
25-NOV-2010    2016

FSO WDAH – 10x
13-Nov-1980    1,311
18-NOV-2010   12,311

13-NOV-1980      142
18-NOV-2010  7,211

There are many more materials, documents, LRH quotes, etc., refuting each one of the above false claims and others.  Here I have just covered a few key ones.

But to end off, here’s the most relevant quote, in the eve of the opening of the first Ideal Org in the history of the Middle East:

Whenever we’re really winning, the squirrels start to scream. You can tell if somebody is a squirrel. They howl or make trouble only when we’re winning.
Spectacular success can quadruple the number of complaints. Tell the complainees: ‘Come in, get Clear.’ Otherwise skip it.
To understand a squirrel, consider the reaction of somebody who could not run the fifth leg of Help, “How could another person help another person?” The thought of this drives some people spinny. That’s a squirrel. They can’t view other people helping others without going berserk.
There’s nothing personal in having squirrels. Even heroes can have lice.

Any comments are welcome and will be published providing they don’t contain generalities, falsehoods, slander or ad hominem attacks.


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