Why This Blog?

Welcome to the Dror Truth, the Blog that will help shed some light on the “Dror College” which is what in Scientology slang is defined as “squirrel group”.

This Blog is exposing the falsehoods that have recently been spread by Dror by providing proper information based on extensive research done. Please read The Truth About Dror to start with which completely discredits the lies that Dror has circulated over the past few weeks.

Any comments are welcome and will be published providing they don’t contain generalities, falsehoods, slander or ad hominem attacks.

Happy blogging!



4 thoughts on “Why This Blog?

  1. Mark says:

    I have just learned that one of those that have originally signed Dror’s “Open Letter” has now left Dror and has decided to join the Scientology Center in Israel!!!

    I am convinced that this is just the first one of many. Perhaps some of them will need a little more time to digest the unsavory “information” being fed to them by Dani Lemberger but I am sure that at one point they will realize the shocking truth and act accordingly.


  2. Haim says:

    Hi Mark, this is really good news and goes to show that those people from Dror that have decided to stay with Dani Lemberger have been fed a bunch of false data and black PR. I personally have known Dani and Tami for a long time and frankly I heard him being critical and always complaining and he always had very small regard for the standard application of tech and so I can imagine that he might have done things that were squirrel.

  3. גן7א says:

    מורדי, אתה כל כך בזוי….

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