Dror’s Dichotomies

A few thoughts about the latest events concerning Dror. If one follows the logic of Dror’s Open Letter from a Scientologist viewpoint and if we assume that this letter was written for the “good” of Scientology then the following dichotomies are immediately apparent:

1) Dani Lemberger befriended a squirrel, a psychotic and well known enemy of Scientology who over the last 2 years alone has appeared in several media outlets which have been bashing Scientology for decades. This is the same squirrel who went to meet Ursula Caberta, the enemy number one of Scientology in Germany.

2) Dani and Tami Lemberger are showing up in a full blown entheta article about Scientology and LRH in the newspaper Maariv releasing clear cut statements against Scientology.

3) ICVC has now posted Dror’s open letter on their Facebook page.

So let me understand the logic of all of this. Dani is cooperating with the worst enemies of Scientology but this is “helping” Scientology? So I guess if a Jew wants to get real help should go the the Nazis. He should not try to solve things within his group but should go outside, go to the enemies and get proper “advice” and “support”.

Why do I think that this doesn’t seem too logical? And why do I think that Dror’s members may have some IQ problem?

But then again, those that can think logically have already made up their mind. It is like observing the obvious.


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