Financial Irregularities

I think that any of those that have read Dror’s open letter must have noticed the amount of critical remarks and natter on the subject of money. The allegations about the “off policy” fundraising etc. Interestingly enough I have received several e-mails now from ex-pc’s of Dror with a slew of allegations of financial irregularities. For instance a pc complained that while he was being audited by Tami he was communicated that the hours were “finished’. The pc was surprised as he had purchased many intensives of auditing however he was told that since Tami was trained at Flag her auditing was more expensive!! Not only that, since Tami had to travel back and forth to go audit the pc the latter was charged for the travel time as well! In other words the travel time was deducted from the auditing hours. For instance let’s say the pc had paid for an intensive of 12 and 1/2 hours of auditing and the travel time was 2 hours back an forth, in 3 days half of the intensive would be gone just in travel time leaving the pc with a meager 6 hours of auditing!!! If this is the type of “standard tech” that Dror has been involved in then no surprise they are  friends with squirrels!!!


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