Dani Lemberger’s New Friend

Recently Dani Lemberger posted an article on his SP friend’s blog, Marty to promote his delusional “AO” and in the process he got some new friends.

One of them is called “Chuck Beatty” unknown entity who used to be in the Church many years ago but could never get case gains since he is an SP and he told the following to Dani about himself:

“I don’t believe in the soul, thus I don’t believe in past lives nor future lives. I believe the universe is a massive infinite recycling machine, and that it is all MEST…”

Nice friend you hang out with Dani. Now let me understand this, Dani is dealing with someone who doesn’t believe in the soul yet Dani is claiming to have an “AO”, so I am wondering what kind of processes are they running. It cannot be anything else but “reverse Scientology”. The EP is that you will KNOW for sure you are really a piece of MEST.

Great success Dani, I will recommend a few psychiatrists to come to Dror so that they can find out what they really are and thus get more certainty in their man is an animal theory.

This can only be described with one word: SQUIRREL.


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