A response to Don Shaul’s letter

Yes friends, we meet again. This time for another squirrel, Mr. Don Shaul.

Finally, after lying to anybody and everybody about how he wants to handle himself (while being in daily comm with an SP declared squirrel, since almost one year), Don decided to put himself out of our misery and “announced” he is out of Doubt!

I have received many communications from my dear readers, specifically some very interesting data from one public, who preferred to stay anonymous, but has had a long experience with Don during his “career” – especially in Malmo. It appears that in the past year, Don was caught lying so many times to staff members and public (and admitted to it when caught – without any bad feeling about it whatsoever) that it wasn’t even funny anymore.
But why get ahead of myself? Here you go – the letter from Mr. Anonymous, with minimal editing by me (with his agreement). Enjoy!

(a translated version of this letter to Hebrew is also available in this blog)


Before going into details and specifics in Don’s letter, and showing them as utter falsities, lets take a look at that painful period of the last year where Don claims he was applying LRH technology of the Doubt condition to his life… I think its only fair that some of the former staffs and Scientologists which know Don very well can have the freedom to communicate their truth/facts.

Don writes in his letter:

“Remember: The End Phenomena of the Professional TRs Course and the End Phenomena of Expanded Grade O is being able to freely communicate to anyone on any subject, as uncomfortable as it may be, on all flows. This is supposed to be our virtue as Scientologists!”

So let us examine Don’s ability to “communicate freely, as uncomfortable as it may be”!
While being in daily communication with a declared SP Squirrel for almost a year (as he admitted finally himself several months ago), he:
– Lied to staff about it when directly asked on this issue, the same week he met with an SP Declared squirrel and toured him around Israel, and when confronted with evidence to the contrary admitted he lied (I heard this only came up because a person reported on this, otherwise Don would have continued his acting career pretending he was with the group while committing SP acts)
– Lied to staff and public about the fact he is now “handled” and wants to make up the damage;
– I also heard (not fully verified) that he came to “offer help” in recovering Scientologists. This, while trying to persuade PCs of to read squirrel websites and then, when they wanted to change auditors and reported him, calling them “snitches” and holding their folders hostage while cutting comm with them completely, thats really not cool, however he justified it.

And in his letter he claims to have finally “decided” to leave, as if it only happened now!

(read on and decide for yourself the truth behind the lies. The relevant policy to all of this is HCOPL BLOW OFF’s and HCOB CRITICS OF SCIENTOLOGY)


Some “corrections” to Don’s letter are in order, I guess. So I did my own checking, and it turns out that the only thing accurate in Don’s letter is the date. How to put it mildly…? He’s lying (My opinion, but read and get the data to make your own judgment).

Let us begin! Below is a partial list of factual untruths from “honest Don”:

At the beginning of the letter, Don gives a whole line-up of his training. Quite impressive. After reading this, one is sure he is the model of Admin Know How! OEC “courses” (one could think he did all OEC volumes, or at least Volume 0!)… completed the Data Evaluator Course… Very impressive indeed.
And now for some light of  truth: Per what I was told, Don not only never did ANY OEC volume course, he didn’t even do the OEC Vol 0 (called “Basic Staff Hat”). Don’s level of admin training is “What is an Org” Course – the most basic mandatory admin training for every staff member. In addition to that, Don not only never completed the Data Evaluator Course, he CROSSED OUT the practical drills from the check sheet and decided he completed on his own.

Don claims he “noticed the lack of application of the Tech and many actions were off policy”, but when he reported them, he was “sent to cramming”.
The truth? Per people on staff with Don, he was sent to cramming because he wasn’t correcting the org and instead let his seniors and Tech trained SO members do all the work! Apart from that, off policy?? All 108 staff in Malmo completed their mini-hat within a few months from the opening! Under the drive of HCO staff members.

Don claims to have blown staff (yes, he admits it) when he saw that on his last day of his contract there was “no possibility of going in session”.
The illuminating truth: Don was given an R/F he has an auditor waiting for him in AOSHEU and promised he will go to him, but instead vanished and blew the next day.

Don speaks about a PC, who received 11 intensives of Sec-Checking and finally was only salvaged after HE took charge of the cycle.
The Truth that sets you free: A beautiful example of the Criminal Mind. On this I do know from someone which knows this cycle well that Don was the C/S on the cycle, and the cycle resolved IMMEDIATELY AFTER Don left and was no longer the C/S on it. During C/Sing it, Don was crammed several times and ordered many times to handle the PC, and didn’t. This PC is well and happy now.

Don speaks about a PC receiving her Grades at Flag in minutes. Sorry Don, no PC like that exists per the data I have. Could you be more specific…?

Don speaks of “Happy Clears” who went to get their CCRD and came back upset. Truth: those “Happy Clears” Don is referring to are himself (He himself went to do CCRD and found he was not Clear and got extremely upset) and 2 others he evaluated for that they were Clear when this was not the case, as their C/S. He had no CCRD training whatsoever to back up this evaluation.

Don laments the fact “there were only 2 auditors in training in Malmo” and that the “only” auditor that was sent to Flag had to be sent back there for retraining.
Well, that’s interesting, because the truth is that out of the four staff on training for auditors (that were recruited with no help of Don) and 2 publics on internship, ALL 6 trainees BLEW their auditor training!!! Obvious question: Who was running the internship? You guessed it – Mr. Don Squirrel Shaul. Without Supervisor training. The rest of the interns that were doing their training elsewhere (Flag) graduated beautifully!

And what about the Flag trained Grad V auditor that was sent back for retrain in Flag? Another lie! This person was sent back to Flag not for retrain, but for C/S training.

LOOK AGAIN, while Don was in Qual, per my data sources it vanishes to a virtual zero, so not quite correct to postion Qual as being established under you – not one person was recruited or put into qual by Don.

Don claims to be “upstat”. I spoke to people that saw the stats. Nope. He is not. For example, no staff were going up the Bridge while he was around. NONE. Whatsoever. But here’s the good news! Finally, now that he is out of the way, the stat of Staff Auditing and Grades Completions in Malmo is going up like never before!

Don claims (after admitting he blew from staff) that, “the Staff Leaving Routing Form does not state that you are supposed to Sec Check a Staff Member for 10 intensives because he wishes to leave, but it should be a maximum of 5 hours (Ref: HCO PL 28 March 1962, TERMINATION FORM)”.  I invite you to actually READ this reference. Not surprisingly, apart from the fact that the date is wrong (it’s 28 March 1961, for those of you who want to see it), it is saying something completely different. But then again, Don has started to squirrel a long time ago, and will alter-is, per Axiom 38.

The reference says (page 397, OEC Volume 5): “The leaving person then reports to HCO and gets checked out for ARC breaks and withholds and may be ordered to processing at organization expense, but not longer than 12 ½ hours, preferably 5 hours.” This then does NOT say a Sec-Check should be 5 hour maximum, but that the amount of hours an Org should give on its own expense is 12 ½ hours, but preferably 5 hours.

As a note, the idea of putting a limit of hours to ANY process (not to mention a Sec-Check) is ridiculous, as there is an EP to that process one must REACH, and only then it can be considered to be finished. I would think such a “standard” terminal as Don would understand this.

Conclusion? I am sure you reached it 10 paragraphs ago already.


You know, after reading Don’s letter, I cognited that this entire letter is dedicated to only one thing: getting clients.

For me the policy which correct identifies Don is: “They are quite violent on the subject of ethics as you ordinarily expect a criminal to be and are savage about organizations, having stolen money and lists from ours. They are being careful not to attack me publicly in the hopes people will think them noble and inspired. They’re inspired all right—by the ‘buck.’ But we wish them no bad luck. We don’t have to. It’s punishment enough just to be themselves and live with what they are.” 27 Sep 1965 SUBJECT: ‘AMPRINISTICS’

When his last PCs left him, and his income went rock bottom, all Don had left to do was benevolently announce his noble departure from the church and try as hard as he can to sell himself as a “true to LRH” auditor, in a last ditch effort to make some money!

LRH puts it best:

“A squirrel is a person—a person who’s going around looking for nuts that are foolish enough to let him process them.”

Dror and Don are nothing new. There have been squirrels in the history of Scientology, and it’s quite amazing how they all behave the same. This next reference is one of the most illuminating one:

“Over the past 15 years we have seen a lot of groups splinter off from Scientology and beat the drum for some offbeat use of the technology. We call them ‘squirrels’ because they are so nutty. They come and they go. We’re still here and will continue to be.

“The keynote of such ‘developments’ is how to avoid auditing and prevent revealing overts.”

“We don’t object to Dianetics or Scientology being used. We prefer it to have its right name. But we like to have it in clean hands.

“They are quite violent on the subject of ethics as you ordinarily expect a criminal to be and are savage about organizations, having stolen money and lists from ours. They are being careful not to attack me publicly in the hopes people will think them noble and inspired. They’re inspired all right—by the ‘buck.’ But we wish them no bad luck. We don’t have to. It’s punishment enough just to be themselves and live with what they are.”

Allow me to repeat my favorite line:
“They are being careful not to attack me publicly in the hopes people will think them noble and inspired. They’re inspired all right—by the ‘buck.’ “

Let’s clear the word “noble” REALLY well: “having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals”. In other words, MOTIVATED BY THE PUREST INTENTIONS POSSIBLE. In other words, Don and his new found comrades are doing what they are doing out of good faith and supreme values!

That’s what “honest” Don is saying! Essentially, nothing changed since 1950, squirrels will be squirrels… And they will keep on pretending to “be with Ron”. If it wasn’t so disgusting, it would be hilarious.

Yes… Don did not “invent the wheel”.

Don further says, “As a Qualifications Secretary, I encountered a hidden data line when auditors and supervisors who came from Flag did not agree to talk about the ‘New Bridge’…” and then further adds that this creates a “A hidden data line opposing to LRH’s statement on the fact that there is none, and that all he discovers he also publishes.”.

If Don really believes himself saying that, this is truly amazing. The Grades and the pilot program of “Golden Age of Tech 2” which is running now (and is about to be released) are stemming from the fact that management has worked tirelessly to do the exact opposite of the Hidden Data Line and bring ALL of LRH Tech to be available for everyone! This is the same management that brought back from oblivion more than 1,000 lectures of LRH that were not available before, so that everyone can have it!


To sum it all up, LRH:

“We call this an entheta line simply because people use Scientology to explain to others how bad it all is over there, how bad auditors are, how bad courses are, how bad Hubbard is, how bad rain is, how bad cats are, how bad the other person is, etc., etc.” …
“That there is not one word of truth in all this news so far detected by the most searching inspection here, that these rumors and perjuries and falsehoods haven’t even the dignity of a background in fact, does not stay their passage.”
HCOB 30 Aug 1954 A Basic Course in Scientology — Part 4 THE COMMUNICATION LINES OF SCIENTOLOGY

And to conclude:

“Every time we get up to a high roar, such as now when we’re clearing people as never before, we measure our progress by the violence of reaction in squirreldom. They come down from the trees and start looking for nuts to convince how we’re all wrong. If they weren’t paid to do it I’d be happier.”
L.    Ron Hubbard Founder HCOB Jun 1961

So, as Squirrel Shaul so eloquently “implores you” to “open your eyes”…

Please write me for any further questions or comments.

Let me have a look at those SP acts again…

Etc etc…..


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