Salami Technique!

Isn’t it amazing that we get such a nice array of emails, one after the other, from Don Shaul, then Hemi Benbenishti, and immediately after from Tzipi Andersen? Wow, that really can make a person think something is going on!

Accept that, as usual with squirrels, nothing is really going on, it’s all PR, PR, PR. I mean REALLY! Of all the cheap tricks one could think of! I happen to know from a VERY reliable source that all three “newly converted rodents” were actually full-blown squirrels from the very beginning, with Dror!

The honest fact is that Tzipi and Hemi were attending the original pathetic meeting in Dror, 5 months ago, when Danni declared himself king of the pond!

And Don himself? He was in communication with Danni and other Declared SP Squirrels already months before!

What’s amazing in this is how the same cheap tactics are being used by squirrels again and again, since the beginning of squirreldom. Case in point – the once self appointed king of squirrels who is now a long gone relic with all associated “movement” dispersed and forgotten – David Mayo. His PR Man, who was disillusioned with him after David blew from the scene (when he saw there is no more money to make and lost all his court cases against the church) describes it best:

“…the strategy was to give you the impression that people were leaving the church in droves. It’s funny how people don’t like to take the plunge all by themselves. But if you can assure them that others just like them have taken the leap, they feel more reassured. My tapes were to reassure you that it was okay to leave the church.”

C’mon, guys! Can you at least be a bit original!?


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