I am a Scientologist in Israel and on the 3rd of July I received a letter from Dror College,  which was also sent to other Scientologists I believe. I have read the whole content of that letter and instead of taking what they wrote at face value I have  informed myself and I LOOKED.

I did a proper research, I looked at all the policies that I could get my hands on on  the subjects that were taken up in Dror’s letter and I also looked at the DATES when LRH wrote those policies and I also looked at the CONTEXT in which they were written and  I have come up with the conclusion that these people that sent the letter didn’t even make any effort to do a serious research but they just followed the lazy way of grabbing black propaganda from squirrels and enemies of Scientology and come to a conclusion that would fit their agenda, not to one that would benefit anybody.

I therefore decided to publish this Blog so that the truth can be made known and people can think for themselves.


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