Claudio Lugli, Squirrel From Hell?

The following article was posted in the Italian Blog called Ethics and Truth (Etica e Liberta’). We are publishing it as it give a pretty good picture of the Lugli’s hypocrisy. Here it is:

With good reason in his “Inferno” ( Hell) Dante placed the hypocrites in the group adjacent to the thieves. Those that would end up in there were individuals which we didn’t miss, people who in life have always been bluffing, pretending to be what they were not.

Marty Rahtbun and the couple, Claudio and Renata Lugli could receive honorary citizenship or a green card automatically, because they are certainly long term hypocrites. Indeed, given the blatant theft of the works of Scientology, they repeated the trick at the expense of the fools who believe them and the apparent betrayal of anyone who trusted them. I would say they might get accommodation with full room and board in many a place of Dante’s Infernos.

But Dante was not stupid and probably would have not accepted them in his own hell. Quite capable of infringing the copyright of the Divine Comedy by inserting so many changes that even the devils would refuse to stay in such hell.
In the matter of hypocrisy, let me explain what I mean. Not that ample evidence of countless hypocritical acts are missing,  but in these days this trio of jokers has outdone themselves in terms of hypocrisy and stupidity.

For those not too versed in the outlandish stories of these characters, I’ll explain a couple of facts.
You should know that,  for some time now, in Haifa,  Isreal exists a group of squirrels headed by the couple Dani and Tami Lemberger. They have not always been like that, to the contrary at one time they were productive Scientologists,  but a long string of out-ethics led them to their current condition. For over a year, these squirrels were in contact with Rathbun and,  pretending to be Scientologists in good standing with the Church, they were in actual fact spying for Rathbun (see ” Sex Stories and spies “- and-sex-scandal).

When it was discovered and proven beyond a doubt, in June this year, Tami and Dani Lemberger were declared suppressives. Then they dropped the mask and showed what they really were:  squirrels and Rahtbun’s spies .
Needless to say, not being able to hide and being burned as agents of Rathbun, at the beginning of July they published a letter of disassociation from the Church. As if to say: “because we have been discovered and we have been dismissed then we tell everyone that we’re leaving” .

Rathbun and Lugli , backed by that lecher of Tony Ortega (see ” Tony Ortega loses his job ” ), following the same hypocritical logic, they trumpeted from the rooftops “outstanding news” that “an entire Mission has abandoned the Church” . Since you have three cats (even the proverbial four), is a bit ‘as saying that the bar around the corner disassociates from Starbucks coffee. But what do you know,  everyone runs with the resources it has, and Rathbunians are just on foot, barefoot and lame.

Having missed a couple of useful indicators, Rathbun decided to capitalize on the new look of these ex-Scientologists and ex-spies. He contacted the Lugli’s and asked them to come to the aid of Lemberger to provide their long experience of failed entrepreneurs, failed staff, of untrained auditors and failed OTs. In short, go to them and join their miseries.

Hence the Lugli , after a few days of holidays on Lake Garda, in spite of  creditors pissed off and running after them, they go to Haifa to carry out their relief mission and were greeted by a bunch of little minions.
Stated purpose of the mission to deprogram the ex-spies from the Golden Age of Tech and all the practices they had learned from the Church, including the Basics and, from their formal training as Class 0 and do-it-yourself “Class IX” studied between the living room and the home toilet, deliver the “OT levels”.

So while the Ideal Org in Tel Aviv was being opened with over 150 staff (see ” Opening of the Ideal Org in Tel Aviv ” ), 96 km to the north, the Luglis were fooling around with the tech and with the cases of a bunch unlucky victims.

Back in the country in recent days, the Luglis, apparently unaware of how ridiculous they are triumphantly announced on their blog that they “founded the advanced organization of Haifa” . Rathbun, unaware of how ridiculous this was, rushed to praise them on his blog.
So guys, we have to confront this, in a shack in Haifa, a handful of untrained desperados, “comforted” by the long term incompetence of  Rathbun and Lugli , are “deprogramming” each other by the little tech that they had learned . Well yes, they have opened an “advanced org”, in the sense that it is composed of leftovers. [note: in Italian the word “advance” also means “leftover”]

So far the story is grotesque and hypocritical enough: spies who declare themselves independents after they are discovered (but it is a habit?); untrained “auditors” who “deprogram” poorly trained auditors, contractors and former staff who go “on mission” without even knowing what the Mission Tech is all about, failed OTs that try to produce more failed OTs.

But there’s more. Not happy and not aware of their poor performance, the Luglis have also published a photo of the staff members of the squirrel center of Haifa revealing some more enlightening details. Here it is:

Let’s skip over the quality of the staff (not the children’s fault if the Luglis are crazy), and let’s look at Ron’s material that you see on the table in the foreground at the bottom left of the picture and those leaning on the counter behind the group (highlighted in the box at the top left). They were noticed by Tohnl who, like me, cannot read Hebrew, but has recognized the cover of Dianetics, the Dianetics kit for seminars, a lecture series binder on the table and other materials all clearly taken from the “evil” BASICS!

Wait a minute, weren’t the rathbunian’s squirrels, with the Luglis at the forefront, abhorring these materials produced by the Church under the guidance of Miscavige as “satanic”?

But then they are doubly hypocritical. Firstly, because they pretend to be the “saviors of Ron’s technology” when in fact they alter every piece of tech they touch, and secondly because, while repudiating the Golden Age of tech, the Basics and all campaigns and Church activities (in fact everything that would force them to use the tech in a standard way as well as work honestly), they then use the same materials produced by the Church!

Ouch, ouch, ouch, my saviors, you could at least be a little ‘more cunning and hide materials before taking the picture. And while you were at it, avoiding to take pictures of children who are being involved in your insane activities.

Now do not say that you only use the original materials strictly before the current management of the Church, or claim that we have changed the picture with Photoshop. And if you really want to still lie about it, at least be smart enough and remove the photo from your blog, or at least modify it with Photoshop.

Ethics and Truth


Dror Comitting More Suppressive Acts

We have learned as publicized on a US blog that Dror is now bragging about squirreling with upper level materials. Yes you heard me. Apparently two Italian squirrels have gone there and in two weeks (yes two weeks!) have trained Dror to deliver squirrel upper level materials!!!!!

Wow, I wouldn’t want to be in the poor pc’s shoes. But if this is unbelievable in its own right (give me a break 2 weeks!!) Dror is clearly committing yet other clear cut suppressive acts as per the Ethics Book, page 311:

Unauthorized use of the materials of Dianetics and Scientology.

Holding, using, copying, printing or publishing confidential materials of Dianetics and Scientology without express permission or license from the author of the materials or his authorized licensee.

I am curious to know how Moti Weizman is going to justify this time, I am sure he has already a “good” explanation for it.

Well one thing is certain, Dror is now exposing themselves to lawsuits for copyrights violations. Will see how they will justify to a judge violating the law.



Dani Lemberger’s New Friends

I have looked at Dani Lemberger’s Facebook page and as of few weeks ago I saw his friend list reducing really fast. At one point it went way below 100. I also noticed that those going away were real Scientologists. I saw his list today and his friend list is getting filled with squirrels, the worst ones, those who have a proven record of damaging cases left right and center, proven record of suppression. Well done Dani, carry on. You have really made it a point which side you want to be with, not that it surprises me a bit but just makes it very clear where you are going. The only problem is that squirrels in Israel are unheard of and they won’t find their natural habitat, there are not many nuts around they can eat so I am afraid they will have a very hard time here.

Financial Irregularities

I think that any of those that have read Dror’s open letter must have noticed the amount of critical remarks and natter on the subject of money. The allegations about the “off policy” fundraising etc. Interestingly enough I have received several e-mails now from ex-pc’s of Dror with a slew of allegations of financial irregularities. For instance a pc complained that while he was being audited by Tami he was communicated that the hours were “finished’. The pc was surprised as he had purchased many intensives of auditing however he was told that since Tami was trained at Flag her auditing was more expensive!! Not only that, since Tami had to travel back and forth to go audit the pc the latter was charged for the travel time as well! In other words the travel time was deducted from the auditing hours. For instance let’s say the pc had paid for an intensive of 12 and 1/2 hours of auditing and the travel time was 2 hours back an forth, in 3 days half of the intensive would be gone just in travel time leaving the pc with a meager 6 hours of auditing!!! If this is the type of “standard tech” that Dror has been involved in then no surprise they are  friends with squirrels!!!

Thanks for your support!

אני רוצה להודות לכל אלו שהביעו את תמיכתם בבלוג הזה בהערות ובאימיילים פרטיים‪. ‬התמיכה האדירה שקיבלתי ב-48 שעות האחרונות הייתה ממש מהממת, אז אני רוצה לתת לכם וידוע הולם על התקשורת אפילו אם לא קיבלתם עדיין תשובה אישית ממני למייל.

I want to thank all those that have expressed support for this Blog both in form of public comments and private e-mails. The huge support received over the past 48 hours has been “overwhelming” so with this posting I want to make sure that your communication is properly acknowledged even though you didn’t get a direct response from me yet.

Dror’s Dichotomies

A few thoughts about the latest events concerning Dror. If one follows the logic of Dror’s Open Letter from a Scientologist viewpoint and if we assume that this letter was written for the “good” of Scientology then the following dichotomies are immediately apparent:

1) Dani Lemberger befriended a squirrel, a psychotic and well known enemy of Scientology who over the last 2 years alone has appeared in several media outlets which have been bashing Scientology for decades. This is the same squirrel who went to meet Ursula Caberta, the enemy number one of Scientology in Germany.

2) Dani and Tami Lemberger are showing up in a full blown entheta article about Scientology and LRH in the newspaper Maariv releasing clear cut statements against Scientology.

3) ICVC has now posted Dror’s open letter on their Facebook page.

So let me understand the logic of all of this. Dani is cooperating with the worst enemies of Scientology but this is “helping” Scientology? So I guess if a Jew wants to get real help should go the the Nazis. He should not try to solve things within his group but should go outside, go to the enemies and get proper “advice” and “support”.

Why do I think that this doesn’t seem too logical? And why do I think that Dror’s members may have some IQ problem?

But then again, those that can think logically have already made up their mind. It is like observing the obvious.

Dani Lemberger’s Cover Up?

Stunning information just received from a little bird indicates that an important statement made by Dani in a lecture that was recently posted on Youtube by Dror was edited off the video. We have received another recording of this lecture and it really shows that this section was intentionally removed from the video posted on Youtube.

What is the statement that Dani didn’t want to make public? It is a damning evidence showing that Dani has been planning his splintering long time before he wants people to believe.

Stay tuned and soon more information will be posted.